Johnnie Walker Blue Label Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Limited Edition

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Limited Edition (100cl, 55.8%)

The Willow Collection offers different themes dedicated to the four Johnnie Walker Houses located in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Seoul and to the five Johnnie Walker House airport stores located at Auckland-New Zealand Airport, Changi-Singapore Airport, Mumbai-India Airport, the Taoyuan-Taiwan Airport and of course the Amsterdam Schiphol-Netherlands Airport.

Bottled in a very special white porcelain bottle and nested in a special collector's white case lined with blue velvet, the design of the bottle narrates the story of Johnnie Walker’s epic journey from Scotland to Amsterdam in 1913.

The square porcelain bottle features the traditional blue-on-white Willow pattern used in Chinese Ming porcelain that was imitated by the Dutch in the early 1600s. As the Dutch became acquainted with porcelain from China, they imitated their porcelain and created Delftware. Unfolding like a pictorial scroll along its four sides, it depicts this compelling encounter between Scotland and the capital of tulips —the Netherlands— in 1913.

With a much higher alcohol content —55.8% vs. 40%— than the regular Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Schiphol Airport limited edition is simply exceptional on the palate. Notes of hazelnuts, dark chocolate and sandalwood first hit your mouth, followed by a rich honey confection with hints of dried fruits and vanilla.